poetrykanto (poetrykanto) wrote,

"The Meditations"(Otoliths, 2009) poems by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa

If Life has a story for each of us, how do you re-mix the story? You don't. It would only slip through your fingers like water. Instead, you listen for the song of yourself deep from within and live by it faithfully, come what may. The new language we need to learn, Jane Nakagawa takes pains to show us, is the soul's language. And one way soul speaks to us is through the wisdom of the dream.

This is the start on the path of poetry, perhaps the origin of poetry itself. It is here, in the darkness of night, that body and soul unite in spirit, whose knowledge and fruition is holy. Using sign (& symbol) language, discourses between interior & exterior, dreams, word-fractures, word-games, empathic imagination stretches (“the homeless…/ water going over their heads”), time-shifts, painterly stanzaic patternings, literary allusions (and no doubt a host of other devices I’ve omitted or missed), Jane Nakagawa in her latest book offers meditations as mediations that, in spite of “what covers or / hides where the last thought is now/ a cemetery of / language”, are sometimes “hopeful” and never anything less than “discerning.”

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